How Ayurveda Principles Guide My Business - what I shared at the Good Foods Award

As a small business owner, I am so grateful for the The Good Foods Foundation, a change agent in the Food industry. Founded by Dominic Phillips and Sara Weiner, leaders in the Sustainable food movement, it's a real player in celebrating and empowering artisanal food makers who are creating responsible, authentic and inspired foods that help people and planet.

We were thrilled to have our Garlic Ghee chosen as a Winner in 2023, and loved meeting so many conscious food makers.

Here's a snippet from my remarks on how much Ayurveda means to me and how Ayurvedic principles have guided me in creating Zazi.



  • Taste in Ayurveda is much more than just the flavor of something. Taste is known as rasa.
  • Rasa also means enthusiasm, juiciness of the body and emotions.
  • There are 6 tastes which when we perceive on our tongue, informs our digestion and the way the food will nourish all the levels of our body and mind. Something artificial flavors can never do.
  • I wanted to reflect this principle by using whole herbs and spices for taste, to honor the intelligence of the Earth, and as an offering to the senses, and well-being of the person consuming the ghee.




  • Ancient Ayurvedic texts state that all living beings on the earth are a family, a deep knowing present in all cultures.
  • I have always been inspired by business that do good in the world, and wanted to grow Zazi from the ground up, in a way that helps our family of living beings.
  • So, we donate to causes ranging from a rainforest school for Indigenous children, to an Environmental center in Brooklyn, to our own neighbors in Chicago.



(Image Courtesy of Freepik)
  • In Ayurveda, the word Sneha is used for oil as well as Love.

(Image Courtesy of Freepik
  • The qualities of oils are nourishing, restorative, protective, grounding – just like Love.
  • In Ayurveda, oil is actually seen as containing the elements of Earth and Water, essential for our health and wellbeing.
  • So we take a lot of care in making the ghee to help people embrace nourishing, grounding good fats in their diet.

I appreciate being able to share a little about Ayurveda and how much it has influence me in growing my business. 


Many thanks to the Good Food Foundation and appreciation to all the conscious Makers out there!