Good Foods Pantry Award Finalist - Garlic Ghee

Small batch adaptogen herb & spice- infused ghee & coconut oil

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Small batch spiced grass fed ghee and vegan coconut oil

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We are committed to making a positive impact on our community and the planet

Learn about Ayurveda & the importance of Healthy Fats

How to use ghee & Coconut Oil - Traditional Recipes, or Quick and On-the Go

About our ingredients - Sourcing from small growers, fair trade, organic

Our Mission

We strive to create nourishing, delicious good fats for your pantry.

Quick and easy to use as a dip, spread or for meal prep, we hope our products inspire culinary adventure!

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Moroccan Inspired Cuisine

Tagine with Dates & Ghee

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Fresh Roots Vegetables


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Sichuan Chili Pepper Coconut Oil

"I sent the Sichuan coconut to my daughter who is vegan and she LOVES it!! I love using it on stir fried cauliflower, amazing deep flavor."

- SC, Michigan

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Original Ghee

"Love your ghee! The first time I used it on bread I toasted to eat with my homemade chicken soup.The second time to roast onions with Zucchini and stewed tomatoes as a sauce for pasta.


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Vanilla Spice Ghee

"I love this drizzled on ice cream!"

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Niter Kibbeh Ghee

"I used this to make mac nā€™ cheese - it smelled SO good. Now my favorite way to make it!"

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Golden Turmeric Coconut Oil

"Normally use plain coconut oil in my smoothies - but this gives me a boost I really like!"

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Vanilla Spice Coconut Oil

"This is so good - thank you for making a Vegan version I can use!!"

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Niter Kibbeh Coconut Oil

"We tried a vegan Ethiopian recipe and were so happy to have this - and not have to make from scratch! I love that the herbs are Fair Trade!"

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Golden Turmeric Ghee

"We made popcorn for our family movie night - I loved that this is natural and I feel better giving it to my kids!"

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What is Ghee?

Get a tasty bite of info about ghee and Ayurveda!

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