Supporting People and planet

We strive to create products that are healthy and delicious, to support your wellbeing.

A portion of every purchase goes toward donations supporting social and environmental causes.

Dr. Rosita Arvigo's Rainforest School

Dr. Rosita Arvigo's rainforest school serves a critical role in teaching children in Belize about the useful plants in their local area - a role that is decreasing as the elder Curanderas and Shamans pass away. Rosita apprenticed with Don Elijio, a Shaman, and has devoted her life to herbal education and preservation of rainforest medicine knowledge.

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Cultural Survival

Cultural Survival is an organization with a focus on helping indigenous youth in cultures around the world, including Indigenous American youth, and communities in Africa and India to preserve the continuity of knowledge, foodways, healing ways and land sovereignty.

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Greater Chicago

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We offer our products at food donations and also at Farm on Ogden to support accessibility in the community. Learn more about Farm on Ogden here:

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Grassfed Organic butter:

Sustainably produced and sourced from family farms in California

Coconut Oil:

Unrefined Organic Coconut oil:

No solvents or additives

Herbs & spices:

We use organic & fair trade herbs & spices whenever possible

About Zazi Natural Foods

Founder - Dr. Philippa Norman

I've always loved food! From picking greens out of our family garden, to teaching nutrition to schoolkids, to sharing healthy cooking with my patients, food is a lifelong Love! Now as an Ayurveda Practitioner and Restorative Yoga instructor, I love sharing more about healthy, mindful living. Read more about my journey here.

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Our Values

If we go back just a few generations, we all will touch what our ancestors knew about living in sync with nature and caring for the earth. We strive to embody those values.

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